Adaptive Reuse – Ft. Worth South – Mike Brennan

We met with Mike Brennan at the Ft. Worth South, Inc ( office located at 1606 Mistletoe Blvd.

Mike, who is the director of Fort Worth South, Inc, was kind enough to give us an overview of Fort Worth South, Inc.  He explained that this is the entity created to administer the TIFF that was started in 1997 for the redevelopment of the near south side neighborhood in Ft. Worth.    Sponsored by a coalition of public and private stakeholders, including the City of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, and the district’s major hospitals, this non profit organization is concerned with accomplishing 5 mission goals.

1.  Increase public awareness of the Near South side
– Attract new residents and new residential development
– Support the growth of the district’s existing businesses and institutions
– Attract new businesses to the Near Southside
2.  Assist all private and public development projects that advance the district’s mixed-use, urban vision.
3. Sponsor or support special events and networking events that attract visitors to the area and strengthen community ties among Near Southside businesses and residents.
4. Provide information and resources that assist all types of Near Southside stakeholders.
5. Partner with the City and other community organizations to advance educational initiatives, public policies, and community programs that foster a revitalized and safe central city.

Mike explained that it is his job to develop the building regulations and to communicate with the community in order to get their input on these regulations so as to help facilitate their adherence.

Also, Mike explained that he had 7 goals in which he felt were important for most communities to implement in order to re establish a vibrant community.  These are

1. a walkable urban environment
2. residential development
3. anchors and industry
4. supporting locally owned business
5.  need for both small scale and large scale business
6. a balance for preservation and new development
7. to improve perceptions and investor confidence

With events like Friday on the green and open streets Fort Worth South side is helping to encourage people to come to and shop and hopefully move into the area.

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